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We offer :

a quality repair service and advice on all your needs concerning repairs to your woodwind or stringed instruments.


A quick and reliable and friendly service and with any unexpected delays etc the customer will always be kept informed and be notified of any unforeseen problems with the repairs.  Time for repairs can take longer depending on workshop demands.


We offer obligation free quotes.


Our prices are based on an hourly rate of £35. Some jobs are quoted at a flat rate.


I don't like being 'ripped off' so my philosophy is not to rip customers off.  I am amazed at looking at some repair prices elsewhere what people have to pay. I therefore keep my prices reasonable whilst at the same time giving me a living!


I have added some woodwind prices as a rough guide on our services page as a guide.


As much as I hate to, I have needed to increase my hourly rate slightly as I am not immune to rises elsewhere in these crazy economic times. I will always try and remain fair and keep things as low as possible.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not  retailers of spare parts. I recommend if in Hexham area,Core Music, Gilesgate.




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John and Caroline Bushby


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54 Southway, South West Denton NE15 7RD   Newcastle upon Tyne.

Phone: 0191 2291681; Mobile: 07845 427 250


Email: [email protected]